DENGFU, affordable carbon bicycles for amateurs.

There is a group of cyclist. They are not very professional but love cycling. For them, cycling is not for race, but for life. Cycling for commuting, sport, fitness or entertainment. They love cycling so much that they also value their bicycle. They desire a high-performance bicycle. Usually, a high-performance aluminum bike has already met their need; but for those who pursue more, that's not enough. Carbon fiber bicycles provide better performance. But too expensive. They want but can't afford it. It is too frustrating.

No more choice? Of course not. DENGFU was born for this, committed to providing affordable carbon bicycles for those amateurs. As factory direct sales, customers get their bicycles directly from DENGFU factory, cutting the costs of the middleman. Online purchases avoid the costs of offline stores. Besides, no advertisement expenses and brand premium to increase the cost. So, the price is the product's cost itself (plus the necessary profit). But it is not enough, quality is more important. A bicycle may accompany a rider for many years, sometimes even the lifetime. DENGFU fully understands this and does its best to produce each bicycle as good as possible for the customers. Enough? Still no. What makes DENGFU really DIFFERENT from other factories, is, he cares about the need of customers. With the growing demand for electric bicycles, DENGFU has invested a lot in several kinds of carbon electric bicycles to help riders ride faster on the road, mountain, snow and beach. And also affordable. To a certain extent, DENGFU is an explorer rather than a follower, exploring and providing various types of carbon fiber bicycles for amateurs.

DENGFU aims to bring its best and affordable carbon bicycles to amateurs.